Thursday, September 22, 2011

Which region developed ? Telangana? or Seemandhra?

From last few days one advertisement in media is made me attention for think more and googling, finally i decided to write this post.

The advertisement is, Spicejet going to start new economical flights for new destinations in India including in Andhra Pradesh State. the destinations of AP given below : (original Link click here)
The Four Destinations showing in above list, Tirupathi, Vijayawada, Vizag, Rajamundry belongs to Seemandhra Region and you cant find any Telangana region airport in the list, because there is no any airport in Telangana presently except Hyderabad (please note it is a capital of State), Other than that no airport in Telangana. One more Airport Kadapa is under construction now in AP State that is also belongs to Seemandhra region. means total 5 Airports for Seemandhdra. but no single airport for Telangana from 9 districts excluding Hyderabad.(Seemandhra 13 Districts having 5 airports, Telangana 10 Districts have only one airport such is in capital city... is not bias?)

So which region developed in combined state Seemandhra or Telangana in last 55 years?

Since we are in the modern age and we can decide the development of the region with their infrastructure and facilities.  The above said single example clearly showing Seemandhra people only developed in combined state. If any body thinking air passengers may not get from telangana region, they absolute wrong. because lots employees who are working in Gulf region are came most from telangana region of AP, and there are several daily flights from Gulf to Hyderabad, from Hyderabad telangana passengers going to their towns by road way or railway.

Is there any Airports in Telangana in past?
There were Airports. Read the Times of India latest news click here, Telangana state had three Airports in Nizam periond before 1947, Begumpet (Hyderabad), Mammunuru (Warangal), and Sholapur (Now in Maharastra). So where are those Airports now ? are they still under running? No, Warangal Stopped in 1981, Begumpet stopped in 2008, Sholapur-details not found. one by one the Govt wantedly erasing the Hyderabad State history and the Telangana peoples historical monuments, such cant be expecting from the knowledgeably Govts and authorities.

Since last 11 days Telangana All Peoples strike has been going on in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh State in India. approx. 700,000 Govt. employees from all dept are in strike and fighting for thier separate state, included Teachers, RTC drivers, Conductors, Gazetted Officers, Doctors, Lawyers, Singareni Coal Workers etc., complete Telangana employees and workers in the strike which result all schools, colleges closed, RTC buses stopped which is badly effecting on the transportation system, Coal mining workers stopped coal production which effecting on Thermal power production in results govt decreases power supply 2 hours in Hyderabad city, 6 hours in other towns, more than six hours in villages of Andhra Pradesh State. instead of solving the issue the Andhra Pradesh  State Government and Central Govt making useless statements in press and showing their confident that strike will not effect them but in other side CM of AP said they are importing coal & power from other countries and states to solve electricity problems. is it realy not effecting?

Latest : from today (24,25-09-2011) night 48 hours Rail Roko, Autobandh, etc., agitations are scheduled.

Meanwhile, most of Indian National Media is deaf, dumb and blind now, and the Telangana people strongly believing that the media might be managed by the Indian Govt and Seemandhra Leaders to not covering the telangana strike news. check the #telangana tweets in twitter, people showing their angry towards Indian National Media. and they are not consider local telugu media, cose it is totally owned by Seemandhra Bureaucrats they cant highlight the telangana movement.  (The same also mentioned by Sri Krishna Committee who appointed by Indian Govt to give report on telangana, which submitted to govt on 31-12-2010, but still decisions not taken by Govt.)
Lakhs of people attended at Poru Garjana mass meeting at Khammam Dist, Telangana on 22-09-2011 : Courtesy :

Since 1956 to till now, 55 years completed but the Governments couldn't remove the Separate Telangana State Desire from the hearts of the telangana people and couldn't make their life happy, instead of that telangana people jobs, resources, lands, water looted by the Andhra People, and so much bias showed in development of telangana region and telangana people which leave them with no other option except to fight for thier own state for self rule and self respect.


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