Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Remove Tag in Facebook Photos

I remember, when I started facebook there was tag and untag buttons were available in facebook for photos and other, but after that untag button was disappeared and not available for members, since the time of upgradation of facebook. in result people commented on net "this is not upgrading bro…. this is downgrading".

Tagging photos is sometimes gives fun, and to know who is (s)he, but some of photos tagging without persons faces which is no mean of tagging. unwanted photos, unrealistic photo tagging irritating very much when we see without our consent somebody tagging us and posting on our facebook wall. all this problems are solved now. Yes, facebook restarted its ‘untag’ button & “remove tag” button.

How to remove tag in facebook photos?

How to untag facebook photos?

You can remove your name tags in facebook photos now with simple clicks in two types.

Option 1:

1.Open the photo which tagged you in Facebook
2.Check your name below of that photo mentioned in “in this photo” line, and exact behind your name find and click “Remove tag” button… that’s it, its remove your tag from that photo (see below pic).

Option 2 :

When u see very first time on your wall a photo which tagged you do as follows for untag:

1.take mouse pointer to the top right corner of that wall post, ‘X’ exit/delete icon will blink on screen
2.Click on that ‘X’ icon, then ‘remove post and untag’ display will appear on screen (see below Pic)

3.Click on that ‘remove post and untag’ - now one box item will appear with same text ‘'Remove post and Untag’’ (see below pic)

4.Click on that box title “Remove post and Untag” - it permanently untagged your name from that photo and that post from your wall.

There are some options available in facebook in privacy setting, how to control the tags check in privacy settings / custom / customize setting for more.

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