Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sorrow of Telangana

15th August, 1947 India got freedom. But, most of the world doesn’t know when the Telangana people got the freedom. Yes, they got freedom on 17th September, 1948 after one year of India got Independence, that to after fight with Nizam rulers, Rajakars and after Indian Govt’s police action, with the sacrificing of this regions people. Until the Indian independence Telangana people lived in the Hyderabad kingdom under the Nizam Nawabs rule. Since 1948 to 1956 Telangana people lived in their own Hyderabad state of Indian Govt.
The First State Reorganizing committee of India (SRC-1) proposed, Hyderabad state should be as it is separate state. But, Hyderabad state divided in to three parts and merged these parts in to other states such are Karnataka, Maharastra and Andhra on the name of linguistic states, against to the desire of this regions people. Since that the Telangana people agitations going on time to time from last 60 years and still going on as on today for the demerge of their state from the Andhra Pradesh for their self respect and self rule, bear in mind they are demanding separate state not country. They have been believing that in the combined state they didn’t get the equal rights in water, Jobs and financially compare to Andhra region. The below story is the one example for it, (published in written by Beereddy Nagesh Reddy in telugu) (Photo by : Kapil)
Mrs. Ellamma, A telangana woman crying with her daughter, her husband died in gulf recently and today nobody is there to take care her family. Ellamma’s Husband Rajaiah spent 200,000 rupees for visa, which money took by loans in India and went to gulf. 4 years completed he couldn’t paid back that amount and while working illegally died in gulf. In between this 4 years his eldest daughter died in india with unhealthy, for that last ceremony also he couldn’t come india. Finally, Ellamma, her son and youngest daughter remain alone and scaring about their future. Now Ellamma also spent 100,000 rupees to brought her husband's dead body to India that amount also took by loans. This family is from Karimnagar Dist, Mustabad which is in Telangana region (presently in Andhra Pradesh) (Original story of same click here & more photos click here)
We can find hundreds of stories like same, but I want to highlight why we are not listening or reading same stories from other region of telugu people, Check the below link of gulfnews, stated Nizamabad & Karimnagar (Telangana districts) people are major unskilled and illegal in UAE
Where the other regions people were came to Telangana region for works before independency, now this region people going out for their food (writing about unskilled workers) why ? Why the Govt didn’t educate them from last 60 years? Why the Govt not taking care about their people, who are cheated in & abroad by agents? Why the Govt not controlling agents in india who sales visa for 100,000 to 200,000 INR which actually realsing for 10,000 INR (approx.) in Gulf? Why the Govt even not interested to bring the dead bodies of the people and give to families for their last look? Why the most Telangana people going abroad in unskilled category from AP ? etc., etc., lots of questions are there… mostly Telangana people belive that, AP govt is not taking care of them and showing bias. That’s why the Telangana agitation is going on as on today.


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