Saturday, June 18, 2011

Colours speaking…

Silence gives many meanings and tremendous meaning some times, than a sentence of our speech and greater than our voice. it’s a power of silence. As well as colors, If you have a listening art and power of understanding, each colour will tell you a story with feelings of its own.

I just remember my colleges days, when I was liking very much one girl, we were not so fast like today’s generation to say she was my girl friend. A girl, whom I like very much, whenever she wear Blue color dress, she looks like angles to me. I like her to see in blue. Slowly… slowly… I started liking blue color too, which I realized when first time I purchased a blue checks shirt for Blue jean. Frankly, until that day I don’t know which color actually I like.

One day, in a chit chat with friends under the green banyan tree at college campus, my friends recognized my silent and dumb love story. They suggested me to don’t delay and tell my love to her before other guy approach her. They took promise from me that before Vijaya Dashami festival I should say to her my love.

As the calendars days are near to catch the vijaya dashami festival I am waiting for a good day and decided to speak with her when she come in blue dress, but I couldn’t. I postpone to on or before deewali I will say, but I couldn’t. Again I postpone to Christmas, but that time also ran before I could say with her. I fixed Final dead line as Dec 31.

On December 31st day, as I wanted, she came to college in blue dress and luckily I got chance to speak with her in front of library building. Started with Namaskar and told all my love to her which ends with 3 words I love you. But she didn’t say single word. Before leaving from there I told her “please think and take decision, If you can’t say directly to me, tell u r decision with wearing green color dress for your acceptance and Red color for un-acceptance, whatever your decision I will agree and I want to start coming new year in a new way, if possible with you.” I don’t know how I dared and completed that conversation, till that day I couldn’t speak freely with girls. Till today, when I think about that day, I couldn’t not believe that I spoke with her.

At night, everybody enjoying 31st day parties, even I also joined with my friends, but all my thoughts are roaming for next day’s scene. What will be her decision? Will she say her decision? If she comes in another color, what should I do? Did I do correct? Did I speak correct? Was the correct way to tell my love to her? Etc., etc.,

Early morning, prayed to god for 10 min more, went to college 10 min before and waiting for her. My eyes focused to college main gate and color selection is Green & Red. While seeing red color dresses my heart beating going up and not dared to see that girls faces, when seeing the green color dresses feeling very happy and immediately seeing that girls faces, up to the class bell ringing I couldn’t observed my girl. Suddenly, I heard a girl voice “Wish you happy new year”, while turning my face towards voice I recognized my girl is wishing me New Year, I was amazed and very much happy. But, finally realized she wore Red dress. Simply said to her ‘same to you’ and went out from the college.

I feel She has a right to choose what right and wrong, right to select whom to like and love.  I know very well by forcing we can't achieve from others what we want.  So, that love story was started with Color Blue and ended with Red Color. But, till today when I see Blue color I remember her.

Today, why I am posting all this here? thanks to Indiblogger who refreshed my colorful days and thoughts in a promotion of hp laser printers.

it may be our thought, it may be our voice, it may be our dream, I feel it should be crystal clear, to explain and express what we really want to say. In the same manner the printouts should be perfect to say exact what we want to say. if it is a document or photo, when the colors also print perfect then can only it will explain perfectly. In my professional work I am regularly using HP printers only and it is became favourite brand for printers in my life. Before choosing colour printers, think... because, colours speak your thoughts.