Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gulf Telanganam - My Telangana

A memorable evening in my life time forever is on 16.04.2010, when I personally meet Prof. Kodandaram, and Mr. Desapathi Srinivas. As a part of Gulf Telanganam meet up they came to UAE and on 15.04.2010 they met the Sharjah & Dubai Telanganites and on 16.04.2010 they interact with the Abu Dhabi Telanganites. Thanks to GTWCA (Gulf Telangana Welfare & Cultural Association, Abu Dhabi who have been doing the welfare activities for Gulf telaganites) for their dedicated arrangements and to provided us a great opportunity to listen about the telangana history from Telangana intellectual’s voices. during the meetup i have shot these all photos.

Prof. Kodandram : he has been working as political Science professor in Osmania University, Hyderabad. But in recent telangana movement in Andhra Pradesh State with a demand to demerge the state, he became a Chairperson for JAC (Joint Action Committee of all parties) and almost everyday he is in news now a days. I strongly believe he deserve for that post, based on his experience and activities in Telangana.

Mr. Desapathi Srinivas : he has been working as a teacher, a great poet, a speaker and has been participating very actively in Telangana movement. telangana people loves his songs and speeches always, the same again proved in Abu Dhabi meet up also with the huge claps in auditorium.

What is Telangana : A Short description found in Telangana Face Book group photos:

My Telangana : Since I am from Telangana Region, I have also a dream to see our Telangana State and wants to demerge our state from the Andhra Pradesh State, India. There are lots of data on the net about the history, movements, agitations, so I don’t want to write more here. But I would like to highlight here compare to other regions of the AP State, why only telangana region people coming to Gulf that also in labour category ? why the telangana people not educated more ? why the other regions of the AP state more developed than the Telangana region ? why my Nalgonda Dist people not get at least safe drinking water and drinking poisoned fluoride waters, even though the River Krishna flowing through the district. We strongly believe that, due to the preconception against our region by the Leaders and procedures all these happening from last 60 years since India got Independence. In my personal life also I have observed these things when i was lived & worked there before departure for UAE and we hope these issues will be solved with the formation of the Telangana State only.

Gulf Telanganam - Abu Dhabi meet Slide show :



Friday, April 9, 2010

Ugadi in Abu Dhabi 2010 - Slide Show

If you are unable to watch this clip here, double click on the video screen and watch in Youtube directly or click this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGWl4RR4NEw Watch in 720 HD format in youtube for good quality

you can see the blog post photos of the event with below links in three parts

Ugadi in Abu Dhabi 2010 - Part 1

Ugadi in Abu Dhabi 2010 - Part 2

Ugadi in Abu Dhabi 2010 - Part 3

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Event photos in sequence


Below are the some more photos of special guests and artists of the program.

Panchanga shravanam -
Message by President & Secretary of Indian Social & Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi.
Message by Mee Ranjani
Mr. Pruthviraj, Telugu Kala Sravanthi
Mee Ranjani RJ Lavanya Anchoring
Comedy show by Reverse Gear Guruswamy
Special Guest of the Event Famous Telugu Actress Madhu Shalini
Famous Telugu Singers Venu & Srinidhi
Comedy show by Ravi Bhaviri
The Team Members


2010 Ugadi Vedukalu in Abu dhabi, UAE was held on 03.04.2010 evening at Indian Social & Cultural Centre, organized by the Telugu Kala Sravanthi, Abu Dhabi organization, who are well known to the telugu community in UAE specially for the Abu Dhabi telugu people. Continuously second year also they arranged the program very grandly, and noticed lots of developments in organizing and planning. Since it was a working day for lots of people here, but amazingly huge people attended the program and until the midnight all enjoyed the dance, songs programs of performers.
I was very happy, when I received a invitation call from Mr. Pruthviraj who is a Main team leader of the event and also for Telugu Kala Sravanthi. Thanx to pruthiviraj for his invitation and also to continuing telugu programs / events in Abu Dhabi, we all appreciating your efforts and interests to brought all of us in to one roof. before his call also I am eagerly waiting for the event for the Ugadi Pachadi and to see all our telugu people in one place to feel proud as a telugu guy and also its strengthen us as we are not alone here.
Thanx to Telugu Kala Sravanthi … to continuing their programs for telugu community and for Ugadi Pachadi. Mean while, as usual I didn’t forget to captured the movements of the event, see below pictures which was shot there. (If you want recall the memories of 2009 Ugadi Vedukalu click here)


Friday, April 2, 2010