Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When I see palm trees here in UAE, I always remember my old days, when I was in India, and purchase the palm dates during Ramadan month from the Monda Market, Charminar, Afzalgunz areas in Hyderabad which all dates were imported only from the Gulf region. Almost every market and on every busy street we can find dates shops on moving carts during Ramadan in Hyderabad. I have never seen palm dates growing cycle until I came to UAE and one day I thought to capture all these stages of the Palm dates growing to show my friends who also not seen this palm dates growing. Finally, I have done it… see the below pictures which I have been shot from last few months in different areas of Abu Dhabi in different times and different type of date trees and i feel wonderful while shooting these all photos. I would like to highlight here UAE is the highest Palm Tree cultivator in the World.


Bhaskar said...

nice pictures...
one questions why people are not cutting date fruits ,i have seen a picture(last) with date fruits fallen on the it only picture or in real they dont care them.


dineshkanna said...

doing the promotion for the gulf buy giving such nice photographs

కెక్యూబ్ వర్మ said...

అందమైన ఫోటోలు చూపించినందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు

Jhani జానీ said...

Bhasker!, thanx for u r comment, That photo was taken during morning time and those are droped by winds and dust strom of before night, and these all photos taken on street trees not at date forms. i deleted that photo to avoid same question in future..

Dinesh Bhai, ha ha ha .. this is not a promotion, really i have never seen and never imagine diffrenet colors of dates, seeing first time after came in india you know it will avaiable only in ramadan with fully ripen in brown color

Verma Garu ... Tahnx for your comment.

Unknown said...

jhani bhi this is wrong you have taken photos of natures beautiful gift to mankind and u have copyrighted!

stil then these are amazing and wonderful photos.

Hats up to your effort.

Keep updating such wonderful information to us.

best wishes
gireesh koppal

Unknown said...

Jhani Bhai,we are proud of u to got a friend like you.Go ahead,and all of our support with u.Ramadan Kareem

Jhani జానీ said...

Anub Bhai .. Thanx for your comment