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These all photos I have shot during Womad Abu Dhabi 2009.

Souad Massi’s music crosses over from Arabic to European, from jazz to rock, from folk to traditional. Her compositions, which prominently feature the acoustic guitar, display Western musical influences, but also incorporate oriental instruments like the Oud. Singing in multiple languages, Souad creates rich, varied nuances, which shine with hypersensitivity and sincerity. (Content from Womad Abu Dhabi 2009 Festival Guide)


These all photos I have shot during Womad Abu Dhabi 2009.

Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali, nephews of the great Nusreh Fateh Ali Khan, transcend cultural, language and religious barriers via rhythmic hand clapping, percussion and harmonium, and bring to the world the devotional poetic vocal music of the sufi mystics of the Islam religion, sing their vibrant rhythmic music as a vehicle to enlightenment. (Content from Womad Abu Dhabi 2009 Festival Guide)


These all photos I have shot during Womad Abu Dhabi 2009.

Widely known as the “Master of the duduk” Armenian musical legend Jivan Gasparyan’s haunting and meditative music eloquently evokes the Armenian landscape and its people, and won him a Golden Globe for the soundtrack of Ridley Scott’s film Gladiator. He has collaborated with Peter Gabriel and performed globally, sharing the stage with a number of internationally renowned artists. (Content from Womad Abu Dhabi 2009 Festival Guide)


These all photos I have shot during Womad Abu Dhabi 2009.

Senegalese Superstar Youssou N’ Dou’s music is rooted in the rich culture and storytelling traditions of Dakar, whilst maintaining a deeply personal and innovative sound through his unique 8-ocatave vocal range. One of Africa’s most popular live acts, he remains a cultural icon in his beloved Senegal and the rest of the World. (Content from Womad Abu Dhabi 2009 Festival Guide)


These all photos I have shot during Womad Abu Dhabi 2009.

Rising Brazilian star Marcio Local’s songs celebrate a Rio de Janeiro steeped in Afro-Brazilian traditions, yet constantly reinventing new sounds and styles. Fusing two diverse sounds: Afro-brazilian Samba and African American Soul, Marcio explores the ever expanding soundscape of his beloved homeland. His songs celebrate Afro-Brazilian traditions, yet constantly reinvent new sounds and styles. (Content from Womad Abu Dhabi 2009 Festival Guide)

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I have shot these pictures during Woamdabudhabi'2009
DULSORI, One of the World’s most enthralling performing troupes, Korean drum energy extravaganza Dulsori never fail to dazzle, thrill and excite audiences around the world with their incredible raw percussion energy and interactive performance style. Dulsori adds its own colour to traditional Korean percussion play imitating the natural sound of rain and wind, thunder and lightning. (content from Womadabudhabi festival guide)


I have shot these pictures during Woamdabudhabi'2009
In ollaboration, between Jordanian Oud player and composer Kamal Musallam and Emirati band Sokoor al Magabeel was performed first time at Womad, transported audiences to a magical world of Jazz and Arabic Music fusion, with pieces especially commissioned for Womad Abu Dhabi 2009 (Content from Womadabudhabi festival guide)


WOMAD ABU DHABI 2009 – World of Music, Arts and Dance festival was held at Abu Dhabi Corniche in collaboration between WOMAD and ADACH (Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage) on 23RD, 24TH & 25TH APRIL 2009. It was an extraordinary opportunity to all the people to see the world class music, musicians, artists and dances live and amazing thing is this was also FREE for everyone.

I went to see the festival of first two days at Abu Dhabi Corniche, and am very glad to see the music stars live, Specially I enjoyed more with Khaled show, the Dhol Foundation (UK/India), and Dulsori, (South Korea) programs. I wondered to listen in live Kahled’s song Didi ... didi.. this song I was listened first time in my college days in India. I remembered those my college days and my friends during that song.

Thanx to the ADACH and WOMAD to brought the great event to Abu Dhabi. There was Wonderfull arrangements, stage, lighting, sounds and a great feeling to watch the shows on the cornice, behind the seashore.

As usual I went with my little cam and tried to shoot the great moments of the event and I did many experiments of live shooting and composing of lighting. See my photos here.

World of Music, Arts and Dance and gives its name to the internationally established WOMAD festival, bring together artists from all over the globe in the worlds most acclaimed celebration of cross-cultural performance.

Since The first event, launched by peter Gabriel in the UK in 1982, WOMAD has held more than 160 festivals, creating spectacular live experiences in 27 countries all over the world. It has presented more than 1000 artists at its festivals bringing the musical traditions and cultural expressions of hundreds of diverse nationalities to a live audiences of over one million people.

Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage is the institution in charge of conserving and promoting the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi. Established in 2005 as an authority of the Government of Abu Dhabi, it is chaired by H.E Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan.

ADACH is an organization with far-sighted aspirations to harness the pride of the people of the UAE through t he development of its cultural heritage, and to make Abu Dhabi the cultural centre of the region. ADACH aims to encourage contemporary production in all fields of the Arts and culture, to promote Arab heritage and traditions and to nurture long-lasting creative projects on both a nation and international scale.

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