Monday, March 30, 2009


Here are more photos... the best talented Abu Dhabi Telugu Kids. they performed really great.


UGADI – A New year for Telugu People, I remembered those days , I celebrated new year day with my all friends when I was in India every year, we went to uphill temple in yadagirigutta to attend kavisammelan and panchanga shravanam and sharing joy with all our villagers there. its also remembered me the taste of Ugadi Pachahdi (special of Ugadi which is making with Neem flowers, jaggery, Mango, tamarind juice etc., ) which reflects our life - a combination of sweet, sour and bitter tastes and also Baksha - A Sweet dish which is making with jaggery, wheat flour and chana dall).

But present, i missed those all but when my friend informed me that there is a program for UGADI by Telugu Kala Sravanthi, Abu Dhabi, then I couldn’t stop my self and I went to see that program. Really it’s a great program and I have amazed that they did the program without any sponsorers. Congratulations telugu kala sravanthi. I enjoyed lot with Mr. Siva Reddy comedy, great performance by cute kids of Abu Dhabi Telugu people and Chandini’s Kajrare dance. Here are the photos which I shot there.
Thanx to "Telugu Kala Sravanthi" to serve Ugadi Pachadi in Abu Dhabi.

The Stage : India Social Cultural Centre - వేదిక

Lights on - జ్యోతిప్రజ్వలన

Prayer - ప్రార్థన

Mr. Subramanya Sashtry Panchangam - పంచాగ శ్రవణం

Mr. Sivareddy, Cine Actor Comedy Show - కితకితలు

Ms Chandini's Class & Mass Dances

Comedy showby Mr. Sivareddy & Chandini

finally The Team - తెలుగు కళా స్రవంతి సభ్యులు

Sunday, March 22, 2009

EARTH - The Big Atlas

I came to know that, world's biggest Atlas "EARTH" is on display at Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2009 and I captured that book with my cam last Friday on 20.03.2009 evening during my visit there, here are the pictures which I shot.

in above photo Mr Gordon Cheers, MD of the Millennium Hose Pty Ltd is introducing the book to the visitors.
some of the gate fold pages of this book are around 2 meters width as in above picture.
The “Earth” is a 20 years dream and passion of Mr Gordon Cheers, MD of the Millennium Hose Pty Ltd, Australia and it was hand bound book of present Modern era which took 2 years in production and finally in weight around 20 KG.

Specification of the Book “EARTH” :
Size : 610 × 469 mm (18½ × 24 inches), portrait
580 pages, cased and jacketed
ISBN 978-1-921209-14-7
Over 400,000 wordsOver
750 photographs and illustrations
160 pages of maps
4 × 6 ft (1.8 m) gatefolds
Official website of the Earth : Click Here

Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2009

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2009 (17-22 March 2009), one of the biggest book fair of the Middle East was completed at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre), Abu Dhabi, UAE. During my visit on last Friday I observed there wonderful arrangements, events, friendly information centers, old to latest books from around the world and the people searching and buying the books in stalls such as showed that still the people haven’t forget the reading habit and these all scenes attracted me there, accordingly I shot those movements with my cam as below:

About Below Photos : Interactive with Dr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkim Azahari, an Indian Scholar and Director of the Islamic University Markaz Saqafathi Sunniya, Karanthur, India

About below Photos : A Public conversation between Ms. Assia Djebar, Algerian Author & Professor of New York University and her colleague Professor Mr. Richard Sieburth at “Discussion Forum”

Official website of Abu Dhabi Book fair : Click Here

Friday, March 13, 2009


The festival of colors 'HOLI' celebrated in Dubai. see below pictures which are publised in Gulfnews one of the top Newspaper of UAE.

I rembered those days, when i was in India and trying to come UAE, somany people told me that Gulf countries are very strict, we cant get freedom etc., but i found after came here that, those all rumors are false. which you can see in below pictures how the people (male & female) are enjoying their freedom in Arab Country UAE and it is a witness that UAE is a friendly country.

Thanx to Gulfnews.

See more pictures in Gulf News Galleries - Clikc here
See Dubai Holi video on Gulf News TV - Click here

Friday, March 6, 2009

DUBAI AQUARIUM - at Dubai Mall

DUBAI AQUARIUM - One of the world's largest aquariums.

Largest viewwing panel on earth and over 33,000 aquatic animals including Sand Tiger Sharks and Stingrays.

this is located in Dubai Mall behind Burj Dubai (The Tallest Tower) i have captured this all photos during my recent visit there.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


BURJ DUBAI - the tallest building of the world is under construction at Dubai, which hight will be 818 m with around 160 floors after completion. recnelty on 27.02.2009 i have captured these photos, i have made a vertical panorama with 3 photos. since we cant shoot this building in one snap from near by it.

See more details at :