Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shyari 1

Har ek kshan jindagi ki chele jarahi hai

Najane kyo tere yaad ko yahi chod jarahi hai

Her tharaf se har cheez badalthi jarahi hai

Najane kyo  thumhari  vahi muskan dil me khil khilarahi hai

Barso baad bi… bichadne ke baad bi

Najane kyo  aaj bi thumhari yaad arahi hai 


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


PAN card, Permanent Account Number is mandatory for financial transaction in India now,  when i was in Dubai didn't think about it serious but, since i am living in India and most of financial transactions in banks, Offices, online work and business i was asked for PAN Number.  Accordingly, i started enquiry about Ye PAN card kya hai ?, and googling about it,  and found the official websites of the PAN card, Online Application formats etc., ofcourse found lots of complaints on net regarding the not getting PAN card intime etc., also there. in my experience i would like to share the best procedure with you all. 

Required Documents : (updated as on 20.03.2014)
1. Identity Proof
2. Address Proof
3. Date of Birth Proof (newly added from 2014)
4. Passport Size Photographs
5. Fee : 
if you are submitting online get DD of Rs.94  Rs.105
for NRI Rs.944   Rs.971

I tried to submit online but found some problems such as non available of scan documents, i was unable to go Bank for DD and dont know the codes of AOs and Area Codes etc., etc.,

My cousin advised me to contact a broker, so i did, they are demanding Rs.200 above and different rates in different areas. Then, again I tried to search for PAN application submission centers in India and i found my nearest centre. 

I Went to the nearest PAN application submission centre, took a application form, filled the application form, given ID proof and adress proof xerox copies, photograph, paid the fee Rs.125, taken the receipt of it. thats it. staff told me there, "authority saying they will send the card within 15 days but please dont enquiry about it before 45 days as we are experiencing delay".  but amazingly i was got my card within 20 days on my resident address by registered post. but you can check your card number after 5 days of submission from that service centre staff before you receive your card. So, I suggest you go to your nearest Application center  with all documents is the good option.

Check the below useful links :  

PLEASE NOTE : above details may changed time to time so please check with concerned Official persons before you are going to submission. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Which region developed ? Telangana? or Seemandhra?

From last few days one advertisement in media is made me attention for think more and googling, finally i decided to write this post.

The advertisement is, Spicejet going to start new economical flights for new destinations in India including in Andhra Pradesh State. the destinations of AP given below : (original Link click here)
The Four Destinations showing in above list, Tirupathi, Vijayawada, Vizag, Rajamundry belongs to Seemandhra Region and you cant find any Telangana region airport in the list, because there is no any airport in Telangana presently except Hyderabad (please note it is a capital of State), Other than that no airport in Telangana. One more Airport Kadapa is under construction now in AP State that is also belongs to Seemandhra region. means total 5 Airports for Seemandhdra. but no single airport for Telangana from 9 districts excluding Hyderabad.(Seemandhra 13 Districts having 5 airports, Telangana 10 Districts have only one airport such is in capital city... is not bias?)

So which region developed in combined state Seemandhra or Telangana in last 55 years?

Since we are in the modern age and we can decide the development of the region with their infrastructure and facilities.  The above said single example clearly showing Seemandhra people only developed in combined state. If any body thinking air passengers may not get from telangana region, they absolute wrong. because lots employees who are working in Gulf region are came most from telangana region of AP, and there are several daily flights from Gulf to Hyderabad, from Hyderabad telangana passengers going to their towns by road way or railway.

Is there any Airports in Telangana in past?
There were Airports. Read the Times of India latest news click here, Telangana state had three Airports in Nizam periond before 1947, Begumpet (Hyderabad), Mammunuru (Warangal), and Sholapur (Now in Maharastra). So where are those Airports now ? are they still under running? No, Warangal Stopped in 1981, Begumpet stopped in 2008, Sholapur-details not found. one by one the Govt wantedly erasing the Hyderabad State history and the Telangana peoples historical monuments, such cant be expecting from the knowledgeably Govts and authorities.

Since last 11 days Telangana All Peoples strike has been going on in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh State in India. approx. 700,000 Govt. employees from all dept are in strike and fighting for thier separate state, included Teachers, RTC drivers, Conductors, Gazetted Officers, Doctors, Lawyers, Singareni Coal Workers etc., complete Telangana employees and workers in the strike which result all schools, colleges closed, RTC buses stopped which is badly effecting on the transportation system, Coal mining workers stopped coal production which effecting on Thermal power production in results govt decreases power supply 2 hours in Hyderabad city, 6 hours in other towns, more than six hours in villages of Andhra Pradesh State. instead of solving the issue the Andhra Pradesh  State Government and Central Govt making useless statements in press and showing their confident that strike will not effect them but in other side CM of AP said they are importing coal & power from other countries and states to solve electricity problems. is it realy not effecting?

Latest : from today (24,25-09-2011) night 48 hours Rail Roko, Autobandh, etc., agitations are scheduled.

Meanwhile, most of Indian National Media is deaf, dumb and blind now, and the Telangana people strongly believing that the media might be managed by the Indian Govt and Seemandhra Leaders to not covering the telangana strike news. check the #telangana tweets in twitter, people showing their angry towards Indian National Media. and they are not consider local telugu media, cose it is totally owned by Seemandhra Bureaucrats they cant highlight the telangana movement.  (The same also mentioned by Sri Krishna Committee who appointed by Indian Govt to give report on telangana, which submitted to govt on 31-12-2010, but still decisions not taken by Govt.)
Lakhs of people attended at Poru Garjana mass meeting at Khammam Dist, Telangana on 22-09-2011 : Courtesy : namasthetelangaana.com

Since 1956 to till now, 55 years completed but the Governments couldn't remove the Separate Telangana State Desire from the hearts of the telangana people and couldn't make their life happy, instead of that telangana people jobs, resources, lands, water looted by the Andhra People, and so much bias showed in development of telangana region and telangana people which leave them with no other option except to fight for thier own state for self rule and self respect.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

200 year-old Kiswa on display in Abu Dhabi

Two hundred-year-old imperial Kiswa displayed at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

ABU DHABI: A Kiswa exhibition will be open to the public at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi throughout the whole month of Ramadan.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) announced on Sunday that it had brought a historic 200-year-old Kiswa (covering of Holy Kaaba) to the UAE to mark the holy month this year.

This initiative aims to educate the UAE community about Islamic art and showcases an important icon of Islamic history.

The displayed Kiswa was commissioned by Sultan Selim III (1789-1807 AD) in the Hijri year 1219 (1804-05 AD) and is historically important as it is the last Kiswa to be produced in the colorful and rich design of the imperial Ottoman Turks.

The Kiswa is considered among the most sacred of Islamic artifacts as it covers the holy Kaaba to which Muslims all over the world turn for prayers.

Muslims began draping the Kaaba in the ninth Hijri year (630 AD). This tradition has continued until today with the Kiswa being replaced every year.

It was customary to change the Kiswa, Hizam, and Burqa annually on the 25th day of the month of Dhul Qaada. The plain black cloth was cut up in pieces and given as presents to dignitaries performing the annual pilgrimage.

Visitors and viewers can also get their pictures taken with the Kiswa on the spot for free in the evening. They can also enter a draw for a weekend’s stay for two at the Emirates Palace.

“It is a great honor to be able to present this Kiswa to people of the UAE. We are delighted to serve our community during the holy month and allow them to view a piece of our history,” said Tirad Mahmoud, CEO of ADIB.

“We are giving back to our community in the month of giving and living the spirit of Ramadan while attempting to bridge the gap between different cultures. A visit to view the Kiswa promises to be a memorable experience for all and lends special importance to their fasting spirits.”

Courtesy & Source : ARAB NEWS, Aug 8, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Remove Tag in Facebook Photos

I remember, when I started facebook there was tag and untag buttons were available in facebook for photos and other, but after that untag button was disappeared and not available for members, since the time of upgradation of facebook. in result people commented on net "this is not upgrading bro…. this is downgrading".

Tagging photos is sometimes gives fun, and to know who is (s)he, but some of photos tagging without persons faces which is no mean of tagging. unwanted photos, unrealistic photo tagging irritating very much when we see without our consent somebody tagging us and posting on our facebook wall. all this problems are solved now. Yes, facebook restarted its ‘untag’ button & “remove tag” button.

How to remove tag in facebook photos?

How to untag facebook photos?

You can remove your name tags in facebook photos now with simple clicks in two types.

Option 1:

1.Open the photo which tagged you in Facebook
2.Check your name below of that photo mentioned in “in this photo” line, and exact behind your name find and click “Remove tag” button… that’s it, its remove your tag from that photo (see below pic).

Option 2 :

When u see very first time on your wall a photo which tagged you do as follows for untag:

1.take mouse pointer to the top right corner of that wall post, ‘X’ exit/delete icon will blink on screen
2.Click on that ‘X’ icon, then ‘remove post and untag’ display will appear on screen (see below Pic)

3.Click on that ‘remove post and untag’ - now one box item will appear with same text ‘'Remove post and Untag’’ (see below pic)

4.Click on that box title “Remove post and Untag” - it permanently untagged your name from that photo and that post from your wall.

There are some options available in facebook in privacy setting, how to control the tags check in privacy settings / custom / customize setting for more.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sorrow of Telangana

15th August, 1947 India got freedom. But, most of the world doesn’t know when the Telangana people got the freedom. Yes, they got freedom on 17th September, 1948 after one year of India got Independence, that to after fight with Nizam rulers, Rajakars and after Indian Govt’s police action, with the sacrificing of this regions people. Until the Indian independence Telangana people lived in the Hyderabad kingdom under the Nizam Nawabs rule. Since 1948 to 1956 Telangana people lived in their own Hyderabad state of Indian Govt.
The First State Reorganizing committee of India (SRC-1) proposed, Hyderabad state should be as it is separate state. But, Hyderabad state divided in to three parts and merged these parts in to other states such are Karnataka, Maharastra and Andhra on the name of linguistic states, against to the desire of this regions people. Since that the Telangana people agitations going on time to time from last 60 years and still going on as on today for the demerge of their state from the Andhra Pradesh for their self respect and self rule, bear in mind they are demanding separate state not country. They have been believing that in the combined state they didn’t get the equal rights in water, Jobs and financially compare to Andhra region. The below story is the one example for it, (published in namasthetelangaana.com written by Beereddy Nagesh Reddy in telugu) (Photo by : Kapil)
Mrs. Ellamma, A telangana woman crying with her daughter, her husband died in gulf recently and today nobody is there to take care her family. Ellamma’s Husband Rajaiah spent 200,000 rupees for visa, which money took by loans in India and went to gulf. 4 years completed he couldn’t paid back that amount and while working illegally died in gulf. In between this 4 years his eldest daughter died in india with unhealthy, for that last ceremony also he couldn’t come india. Finally, Ellamma, her son and youngest daughter remain alone and scaring about their future. Now Ellamma also spent 100,000 rupees to brought her husband's dead body to India that amount also took by loans. This family is from Karimnagar Dist, Mustabad which is in Telangana region (presently in Andhra Pradesh) (Original story of same click here & more photos click here)
We can find hundreds of stories like same, but I want to highlight why we are not listening or reading same stories from other region of telugu people, Check the below link of gulfnews, stated Nizamabad & Karimnagar (Telangana districts) people are major unskilled and illegal in UAE http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/visa/most-indian-illegals-hail-from-one-area-1.196880
Where the other regions people were came to Telangana region for works before independency, now this region people going out for their food (writing about unskilled workers) why ? Why the Govt didn’t educate them from last 60 years? Why the Govt not taking care about their people, who are cheated in & abroad by agents? Why the Govt not controlling agents in india who sales visa for 100,000 to 200,000 INR which actually realsing for 10,000 INR (approx.) in Gulf? Why the Govt even not interested to bring the dead bodies of the people and give to families for their last look? Why the most Telangana people going abroad in unskilled category from AP ? etc., etc., lots of questions are there… mostly Telangana people belive that, AP govt is not taking care of them and showing bias. That’s why the Telangana agitation is going on as on today.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Colours speaking…

Silence gives many meanings and tremendous meaning some times, than a sentence of our speech and greater than our voice. it’s a power of silence. As well as colors, If you have a listening art and power of understanding, each colour will tell you a story with feelings of its own.

I just remember my colleges days, when I was liking very much one girl, we were not so fast like today’s generation to say she was my girl friend. A girl, whom I like very much, whenever she wear Blue color dress, she looks like angles to me. I like her to see in blue. Slowly… slowly… I started liking blue color too, which I realized when first time I purchased a blue checks shirt for Blue jean. Frankly, until that day I don’t know which color actually I like.

One day, in a chit chat with friends under the green banyan tree at college campus, my friends recognized my silent and dumb love story. They suggested me to don’t delay and tell my love to her before other guy approach her. They took promise from me that before Vijaya Dashami festival I should say to her my love.

As the calendars days are near to catch the vijaya dashami festival I am waiting for a good day and decided to speak with her when she come in blue dress, but I couldn’t. I postpone to on or before deewali I will say, but I couldn’t. Again I postpone to Christmas, but that time also ran before I could say with her. I fixed Final dead line as Dec 31.

On December 31st day, as I wanted, she came to college in blue dress and luckily I got chance to speak with her in front of library building. Started with Namaskar and told all my love to her which ends with 3 words I love you. But she didn’t say single word. Before leaving from there I told her “please think and take decision, If you can’t say directly to me, tell u r decision with wearing green color dress for your acceptance and Red color for un-acceptance, whatever your decision I will agree and I want to start coming new year in a new way, if possible with you.” I don’t know how I dared and completed that conversation, till that day I couldn’t speak freely with girls. Till today, when I think about that day, I couldn’t not believe that I spoke with her.

At night, everybody enjoying 31st day parties, even I also joined with my friends, but all my thoughts are roaming for next day’s scene. What will be her decision? Will she say her decision? If she comes in another color, what should I do? Did I do correct? Did I speak correct? Was the correct way to tell my love to her? Etc., etc.,

Early morning, prayed to god for 10 min more, went to college 10 min before and waiting for her. My eyes focused to college main gate and color selection is Green & Red. While seeing red color dresses my heart beating going up and not dared to see that girls faces, when seeing the green color dresses feeling very happy and immediately seeing that girls faces, up to the class bell ringing I couldn’t observed my girl. Suddenly, I heard a girl voice “Wish you happy new year”, while turning my face towards voice I recognized my girl is wishing me New Year, I was amazed and very much happy. But, finally realized she wore Red dress. Simply said to her ‘same to you’ and went out from the college.

I feel She has a right to choose what right and wrong, right to select whom to like and love.  I know very well by forcing we can't achieve from others what we want.  So, that love story was started with Color Blue and ended with Red Color. But, till today when I see Blue color I remember her.

Today, why I am posting all this here? thanks to Indiblogger who refreshed my colorful days and thoughts in a promotion of hp laser printers.

it may be our thought, it may be our voice, it may be our dream, I feel it should be crystal clear, to explain and express what we really want to say. In the same manner the printouts should be perfect to say exact what we want to say. if it is a document or photo, when the colors also print perfect then can only it will explain perfectly. In my professional work I am regularly using HP printers only and it is became favourite brand for printers in my life. Before choosing colour printers, think... because, colours speak your thoughts.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Talk of the Tollywood - Canon 5D

Canon 5D is in talk-shows in Telugu channels, Telugu print media and also in the Tollywood (telugu film industry) since last week. The reason is, Director Ram Gopal Verma (RGV) who previously demolished the old format and the old grammer of the telugu movie making procedure with his debut film SHIVA (1990), once again changing the film making system from the regular movie camera to DSLR Canon 5D. As he was announced, he completed the film shooting in 5 days and ready to release that on this 18th, Movie title is "Dongalamuta" (Gang of thieves). total cost of the movie is just INR 6 lakhs 50 thousand rupees where in 65,000 he paid as rent for 5 Canon 5D cameras, as he was shot the movie with 5 cameras in 5 angles in natural light.

The movie is already got a hit talk, if we talk based on business he will get more more money in return compare to his investment for the movie. the movie is going to release in hundreds of theaters in Andhra Pradesh on 18th. there is no doubt one show will give him more money after the release. the star cast also very attracting, as one of the top hero of Telugu movies Raviteja and the top best actor Prakashraj, Glamour beauty Charmi was acting in main roles in the movie. RGV convince all these actors to give profits from the movie not any pre-remuneration which it self reduced the film budget.

No cost for big settings, no cost for big star cast, no cost for lightnings, No director of photography, no assistants etc., he showing the new way in film making. since this type of movie making is not new, i have saw in youtube and on net from amateur and professional photographers, so many clips. but now this technic adopted by the big film director in India is sounding and resounding in Indian film industry specially in South India.

I remembered when Shiva was released, i was in my college days, we were wondered with his shots, photography values in the movie. and we never seen the study-calm shot before that, he was first introduced in telugu movies. after that only we came to know, dissolve, fade, sunlight, light cutters, spot light, super impose etc., etc., film words.

There is a hope and expectations in the industry that this movie will guide new producers and movie enthusiasts to how to reduce the film budget. and definatly this will give more inspiration for the young flim makers, amateurs to fulfill their dreams with this new method experiment.

So, Movie making is as easy as click a snap, Now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Khorfakhan and Other Photos

Below are the photos shot at Khorfakhan during Fujairah Tour

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Al Bidyah Mosque at Khorfakhan, Fujairah, one of the oldest small mosque in UAE, according to display boards their, we came to know it may be constructed in arround 1446 A.D. Constructed with stone and mudbricks.


Palm Tree forms with background Fujairah mountains

Roundabouts at Dibba, Fujairah

Road side stalls on Fujairah to Ras Al Khaima highway

A View while going to R.A.K from Fujairah

Museum at Ras Al Khaima

Ras Al Khaima Corniche

An Old aircraft behind Umm Al Quwien road

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fujairah & Eastren Emirates Tour Photos

Below all photos are i have shot during my Fujairah Tour.

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Sharjah to Kalba Road - Kalba Tunnel

Before the Tunnel, visitors parked their vehicles and enjoying the view of surroundings

Kalba Corniche

Park at Fujairah/Khorfakhan

Fuairah mountains in backdrop

Sunrise at Fujairah and below are the early morning photos of Fujairah views